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What does creating art mean to the artists?

  • HAPI Artists included in Gala Art Auction share what creating art means to them.

  • Creating art pulls you out of yourself.  It makes you escape from the problems that surround you and intrude on your life.  Your abilities overcome your disabilities.

  • Art makes me see beauty when I don’t always feel it.  It makes me feel like I have some control in my life.

  • Creating art means observing the world around me and interpreting my place in it.

  • It’s like taking a relaxing vacation away from reality.

  • Making art gets rid of my depression because I have to make my drawings come to life.  I enjoy sharing my art with others.

Art for Awareness 

March 15, 2016


Calling all Tennessee artists in recovery!  Join us at the tenth annual Art for Awareness celebration on March 15, 2016 to share your art and contribute to awareness of recovery and the healing it brings.  The celebration starts at 1 pm at War Memorial Auditorium, 301 Sixth Avenue North, Nashville, TN and adjourns at 3 pm.

Each person is invited to bring one artwork to show on March 15 and leave for exhibit in Legislative Plaza during April and May 2016.  State legislators, government officials, and visitors to Legislative Plaza will see a colorful exhibit of artwork from Tennessee artists in recovery.  Registration is open with a deadline of February 26, 2016. Click here for Art for Awareness registration

TAADAS bookstore features HAPI art


HAPI art is available to purchase in the TAADAS Bookstore at the TAADAS office, 1321 Murfreesboro Pike, Suite 155, Nashville, TN  37217.  A set of desirable original artworks from Healing Arts Project, Inc. individual artists is in the Bookstore specially priced at $15 for holiday shopping.  The Bookstore is open during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


TAADAS is the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug & other Addiction Services and is partnering with HAPI to promote HAPI artists and raise awareness that recovery from mental and addiction disorders works.  HAPI artists from across Middle Tennessee have created this artwork as their creative expression of places and experiences


“Faith, Hope and Recovery in Letters 2015” is available


The new collections of original poems and essays  “Faith, Hope and Recovery in Letters 2015” by Tennessee individuals in mental health and addiction recovery illustrated with original HAPI artworks can be ordered from HAPI, PO Box 23584, Nashville, TN 37202 with $2  for postage.   The theme of the collection “I Raise My Voice” reflects reaching a place in the journey of recovery where you find your voice, and then raise your voice with hope and faith.



I Raise My Voice

Written by Jennifer Jones

I raise my voice above the swirling chaos in my soul.

As I glimpse the other side of life which holds peace and serenity.

Caught up in this whirlwind I feel invisible ~ cut off from the world.

It is though I am wrapped in cellophane where I can see out but the world cannot see in.

Living in a deafening silent void no one sees or hears my pain.

Nowhere to turn, no hand to hold me as I spin out of control.

Somewhere in this churning abyss I feel a touch ~ a touch of peace and love.

Even though it is just a touch it is enough to carry my soul through the howling winds of despair.

On the other side I am wrapped in a cocoon love and light.

I am a survivor.

I raise my voice so that others may see the hope that is there to carry us up out of turbulence.

I want to live, experience, participate and shout from the mountain tops that I am worth peace, love, hope and serenity!

Will you tell your story?

Will you let others know you are alive?

Will you raise your voice with me?




Adopt a HAPI Artist for $50

When you adopt an artist, you are showing your support in ways such as:

Encouraging the artist to express themselves through their art

Joining the artist at an event when their art is on display

Providing the artist with materials

HAPI will send you the name of an artist in your area and alert you to exhibits and events to attend.

Please mail a check for $50 to HAPI, PO Box 23584, Nashville, TN 37202 with note to Adopt a HAPI Artist.  Please include your name and address.


Note Cards for Sale

HAPI is selling three designs of original art note cards for  $5 per set.  These are perfect to use for yourself or as small gifts for holidays, birthdays and all occasions.  Card 1 includes  10 different HAPI artworks in full color, Card 2 includes 10 different HAPI Zentangle in black and white, and Card 3 includes 10 cards of a holiday snow scene.  Cards can be ordered from HAPI, PO Box 23584, Nashville, TN 37202.  Add $2 for postage.


Volunteer Opportunities

You will get to know local artists and see how much creating art means to them when you are a HAPI volunteer.  Here are ways you can volunteer:

  • Assist teachers during art classes
  • Help with Public Relations to promote the artists
  • Go to Community Fairs and Events
  • Help prepare Writings booklet
  • Help prepare the Service of Hope
  • Transport art, hang pictures at exhibits
  • Assist with fund-raising events


Wish List of Donations to HAPI

  • Knitting yarn and fabric
  • Art supplies
  • Cash donations / purchase artwork
  • Secure storage for art and supplies


Please help us with any of the following:

  • Instruct in needle crafts, writing, music
  • Help prepare writings booklet
  • Assist with art classes


HAPI exhibits

  • Frame art for exhibit
  • Transport and hang art for exhibit
  • Prepare for and attend artists’ receptions and special events


Public Relations

  • Contribute articles and make media contacts
  • Assist with promotion of artists
  • Help at HAPI booth at Community Fairs and Events


Faith and Spirituality

  • Help prepare Service of Hope on October 6, 2013
  • Assist with reception after service



  • Art materials such as paints, paper, watercolors, yarn, canvas
  • Secure storage room for art and supplies
  • Assist with fund-raising events